Does Parcelforce Deliver On Weekends?

If you have some parcels you need delivering, you’re probably thinking about using a service like a logistics company to help you accomplish your goal. There are different companies in the UK that provide parcel deliveries that you can work with to have your needs catered for. One of them that has been in the business for many years is Parcelforce. The company offers all kinds of logistics services and has been applauded for its quick and reliable service that allows users to receive the goods that are shipped through the company in time. However, some people have been asking whether the company does deliveries over weekends.

Parcelforce Delivery times

To understand when you are able to use the services of Parcelforce, you need to get information about the delivery time the company adheres to. All deliveries made to recipients in the UK (zones 1 – 3) are made between 7:00 am and 6:00 pm from Monday to Friday. Fortunately, there is a weekend service that allows you to receive deliveries over the weekend, particularly on Saturday. This service, however, demands that you pay an additional 9 Euros for every consignment. It may sound much, but for the convenience you will enjoy, it is worth paying. For deliveries directed towards zones 4 to 12 (international deliveries), the process is completed during standard business hours, which varies from one country to another.


To negotiate your deliveries for better terms, you could try to explain to the company about what you have and the terms you would like applied. For example, those who ship regularly and huge shipments at that can embrace the support of the company to enjoy discounted rates. Before placing your shipment through Parcelforce, make sure to first reach the support team of parcelforce for a review of the process and to understand how you can lower your prices.

What about the service

After considering all delivery times and the costs required to give you a peaceful process, you probably need to jump in to consider the services the company offers and whether they match up to your expectations. This can only be done by hearing what others have to say about this company. There are several online platforms where you can read the reviews posted by customers about the company, so before you make any move, ensure you have all the information needed about the company.

The first thing you probably will look into is quality of services offered. According to some reviewers, the support team of Parcelforce is responsive and considerate of the issues you present to them. They track all your deliveries to ensure the package is delivered in time and in the best condition. The daily AM service works perfectly well and you can update your terms any time you need by reaching the support team of the company. You don’t even need to use an official method like calling to have your information picked. Talking to the company through social media could be a way to have the issues resolved and you are able to receive a solution in few minutes.


The depot dept staff team is helpful and responsive to your queries. Everything is handled professionally and you will encounter no difficulties as long as you opt to work well with the company. Parcelforce allows you to get closer to its representatives and to enjoy the great support and guidance the company offers to users of various services. Unless you have made some mistakes, your overall experience should be smooth. The rates are also god according to many shippers, but this does not rid the company of any downsides.

Some complaints though

The most common complaint that users make is about the resending of damaged items. This is a difficult decision to make since the problem could have come from the third party who sent the item and the company’s only objective was to ensure the package was delivered to the right destination. This could take a bit of time before you can get a solution. The chain of resolution is long and you have to consider the effort the company has to make with the sender and sometimes if the sender is not responsive there is little Parcelforce can do to save your situation.

Timely deliveries always excite the recipient and this is something that many people sometimes are not able to enjoy whenever they use Parcelforce. This issue can be caused by many factors among them the driver facing issues along the way and technicalities in the record keeping process that force the company to spend more time sorting packages.

Despite the delays, you still are able to receive your packages within good time, so you can sometimes manage to bear with delay. In such a case, the only frustration is calling only to interact with a support representative who is not responsive to your problem. Customer service is vital and any lack of responsiveness could lead to the customer assuming the company is not committed to offering good services, which is something many customers highlighted whenever their parcels arrived late.


You would expect the support team at Parcelforce to be organized and prepared to deal with any issues that come up, but this seems not to be the case necessarily. Some of the complaints posted online highlight lack of sync in the support team such that whenever you call and it is picked by a different representative, the messages given are contradictory. Every representative gives a different version of the story, which is something you don’t want to encounter while trying to resolve a case of slow delivery.


If you have to schedule your deliveries for weekends, you need to call the company to explain to them that you would like your order handled as a priority. Another annoyance customers think should be eliminated from the company is the automated call management system. According to them it would be easier to handle all problems online where there can be a history of the conversations made to prevent a case where different representatives offer different answers.

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