When will EA Sports release FIFA 18?

EA Sports has dominated the gaming field with some of the most popular computer games. One of the games that has been around for more than 15 years that has helped to market the company is FIFA, which is now in version 17. Players who love FIFA have been embracing all upgrades and updates to enjoy any new features introduced and it seems their patience is getting out of hand with the anticipation of the FIFA 18 release. The update is expected to come in 2017 to offer more features and better capabilities that players can enjoy.

The release of the game is almost certain towards the beginning of September, 2017. This is an important update that will include the latest Neymar’s move to Burnley. FIFA 18 will be released for Xbox One and PS4 as well as PC, so players of the game will have a lot to enjoy regardless of the gadgets they will have. Many people have been trying to make predictions on what to expect in terms of features and upgrades and some of them think there will be a transformation in the design of the graphical user interface and better features.

Of course an update should come with better features and this is easy to tell from the things that have been happening in the scene of football lately, which have to be factored into the release to satisfy the urge of lovers of football. According to FIFA, the company is looking to make huge improvements starting 2017 and this should reflect its leap into the future by offering better software that can guarantee a smooth gaming experience. The company confirmed that indeed they will tinker around the graphics and add some features that include a new jokey system, all in the spirit of offering players a better experience.

FIFA 18 On Frostbite

In the current FIFA 17, there have been several annoyances that have been bothering players, but this is likely to be covered by a decision by the company to move its engine. The new Frostbite engine will offer a difference by ensuring there is an improvement in graphics and loading capabilities to allow the program to run smoothly. Users will also enjoy a near perfect look that introduces them to the realism of football, so it is more like a real experience than a simulation. The company has been making improvements over the years with a view to perfect its software.

FIFA 18 Career Mode

Some people think that the FIFA career mode has not received significant love over the past three years and there is likelihood the company is going to do something about this feature to ether make it better, or get rid of it altogether in the new release. The previous versions had bugs and idiocies that pushed users away, so the company will have to come up with more reasons to convince players that it would make more sense to use the new feature.

In the new FIFA 18, you should expect two more characters and more storylines. It will be a great leap into the world of gaming as these features will offer diversity to the players who would like to explore. A lot has been promised about this new release and the anticipation is heightened due to some of the things people think should be deprecated as new features come in to take over. Everyone expects a new look and AI tweaks that will add some flavour to the software.

What players would like to see
Many players who love the FIFA series have something to say about the new release. They have already submitted their opinions about what they think EA Sports should consider dropping or changing.

Gameplay and AI tweaks

Sometimes players complain that the AI lets them score instead of letting them do that on themselves. This is an issue that has persisted for many years and they feel it is time it got resolved to allow for a better gaming experience. The FIFA software is managed by an AI system that controls the movement of players and the ball.

Adding some new controls that allow the player to take charge of everything in the field will make the game more interesting. Sometimes the AI also makes colossal mistakes that make it difficult to miss a single score while playing certain matches. What players are asking for is an exciting release that will have them engaged in the gameplay. Hopefully, as the company has promised, there will be major tweaks that should enhance the controls of the game.

Sort skill levels

Veterans who have played FIFA since its introduction have a deep emotional attachment to the game, and they know what to pursue to make the game interesting. One of the things they are asking for is a re-design of the skill levels to allow them to use sliders for better purposes than giving you more privileges than you qualify for. All this is meant to make it as natural looking as possible while ensuring all processes that don’t allow the player to enjoy the tackle are eliminated. It will be a difficult task on the part of the company but with their team of engineers, much more is expected to come through in the FIFA 18 release expected to be officially released in September or thereabouts.

Fix career mode quarks

As mentioned earlier, there are many quirks in the career mode of the FIFA 17 and the two previous versions that piss many players. For example, loading someone automatically resets their brain, which is not logical if you think about it. It would make more sense if such actions were cut short and new capabilities installed to allow players to take control because the AI system is making most of the decisions without necessarily factoring in the decisions the player has made and whether it would impact the scores in the final tally. So, if the release will impress players, some of these issues have to be addressed.

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