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The Employment and Support allowance is vital for those who cannot work due to illness and disability. Its primary mandate is offering support to people who fall into any or both of these groups. Those who get the help of this organisation usually have no other reprieve other than to get help from it. They offer financial support for those unable to work permanently. To those entitled to their help, they offer allowances, support, and advice so as to help you land a new job.

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If you would prefer to call DWP about ESA directly, here are some of the departments you may wish to contact.

Employment and Support Allowance0345 608 8545
ESA Claims Number0345 608 8545
ESA Appeals Number0345 608 8545
ESA complaints number0345 608 8545
ESA Benefits hotline0345 608 8545
ESA Wales Number0345 608 8545
Jobcentre ESA Number0345 608 8545

Getting onto the list of beneficiaries is relatively easy as all you have to do is apply. Getting in touch with ESA support is the best way to get your story heard. You can apply if you are employed, self-employed or even unemployed. Another way to get on their list is being transferred to them especially if you have claimed Income support or incapacity benefit in the past.

To be accepted, a work capability assessment has to be done to assess how much your illness or disability hampers your ability to work. After the assessment is done, they can place you in one of the two groups. The first group is the work-related activity group. Here, you get access to routine interviews with an adviser so as to improve your chances of landing a job. The other group is the support group that receives benefits without having to do interviews. If you go for too long without hearing anything about your assessment, you are advised to call the ESA Number to find out what might be wrong.

Why you might want to call the ESA helpline
One of the reasons that may prompt you to contact ESA is to register for their benefits. Remember that they have no idea of knowing what your situation is. Due to this, you have to get in touch with them to lay out your case and be directed to the next steps. After doing so, you might want to Call the ESA support to find out the status of your application. Applications can take time, and if it takes too long, the best thing to do would be to get in touch with them to find out what is going on with your application.

If you get past this point, a work capability assessment is done. Calling the ESA Telephone Number should let you know when your assessment is due. If you cannot get someone on the phone, be patient as someone from the DWP ESA department will get in touch to let you know about the status of your assessment.

Should everything go fine, you move on to the next stage is to wait for the call from the DWP ESA department. This department is tasked with calling in regards to the work capability assessments as well as signing people up for the employment & support allowance. It is important to note that the ESA Number used for this purpose is outbound. This means that you cannot call back and get someone on the line. For that, you have to direct all queries to the DWP.

From time to time, things do not always go as expected and a lot of people have reported delays in getting their benefits. Other have complained that their work capability assessments have delayed. Do note that this can sometimes happen especially if there is a huge volume of applicants applying at the site time as you. Should you experience any delays just call ESA phone number and all well be rectified for you.

The ESA Contact Numbers
It is important to keep in mind that the organisation has a few numbers for their ESA helpline. These numbers serve different purposes with one ESA Telephone Number being the outbound number mentioned above. If you are looking to make a new claim for ESA, you need to call 0800 055 6688 and 0800 023 4888 if you speak English and 0800 012 1888 if you speak the Welsh language. Keep in mind that you can only call any ESA Phone Number above from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm.

The second set of ESA contact phone number caters to any complaints or queries about existing ESA or IB claims. These numbers are 0345 608 8545 and 0800 608 8551 for those speaking English and 0800 600 318 for those speaking the Welsh language. As with the numbers above, you can only call Monday to Friday 8 am to 6 pm. When you contact ESA through these numbers, you will be given some options upon connection.

If your query regards income support, you have to select option 1. Option 2 is for jobseeker's allowance, option 3 for employment & support allowance, option 4 for incapacity benefit and 5 for notifying DWP is someone has died.

As mentioned above the DWP calls in connection with a work capability assessment as well as the transfer from incapacity benefit to employment and support allowance. The number they do so from is 0800 0232635.

You can also any ESA Contact Number prefixed with 0345 above by prefixing them with 0845. You can only do this from a landline, and local rates apply. Those seeking to discuss existing employment, support allowance or incapacity benefit claims should have their IN numbers and their dates of birth at hand.

In conclusion
Getting the Employment and Support Allowance can be challenging especially for those who have never done it before. It might seem like there are so many hurdles to jump and loops to go through. Despite this, they have provided lots of ways to get in touch with them should you need to. Remember that from time to time, things can get backed up and the ESA contact phone number might be busy. If this is the case, be sure that all is well and call ESA back in a short while. It is more than likely that you are going to get through on your second try. If any ESA Contact Number prefixed with 0345 do not go through, remember that you can always prefix it with 0845 and Call ESA using a landline.

ESA Opening Hours

DayOpening Hours
8am - 8pm
8am - 8pm
8am - 8pm
8am - 8pm
8am - 8pm
8am - 8pm
9am - 6pm
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