How To Cancel Your Admiral Car Insurance

Admiral Insurance is among highly established insurance agencies in the United Kingdom that you can rely on to cater for your insurance needs. The company has been in the insurance industry for many years and is responsible for the development of different products ideal for car owners who want flexible policies. However, despite offering good policies and affordable rates, some people opt to choose other providers for reasons best known to them. To proceed with this shift, one has to first cancel the existing package with Admiral Car Insurance to avoid creating a conflict in the event the risk insured against occurs.

Understanding how to go about this process could help you to easily process the swap and come up with something that could help you to cater for your needs adequately. Admiral Car Insurance offers you several options through which you can cancel your car insurance. One of them is submitting a formal request to the offices of the company, in which case you might have to wait for a long period of time before the process is completed. The other alternative is using their online portal to submit your preferences. This seems to offer you a faster response.


Immediately you receive the confirmation email, make sure to call the admiral contact number  to confirm whether your payment information has been delinked from the system. Some users complain that after submitting the cancellation they came to learn later that the company did not initiate a removal of their payment information and they were confronted with a huge bill months later, even after parting ways with the company. Sometimes this is a system error and mistakes made by the staff while processing your request, so make sure to follow up on everything to avoid paying for what you never consumed.

Things that could force you to cancel your admiral car insurance

There are different reasons as to why users of the insurance packages offered by Admiral Car Insurance would opt for a cancellation. Some of these reasons stem from the kind of services they received as well as the products available. On the part of the staff of the company, lack of responsiveness to vital issues presented by customers could irk them and force them to embrace a protest migration. This also happens in other companies not Admiral alone, and the biggest explanation is that customers feel they have to be given the worth they pay for.

Upon crawling through the internet, you will note different tones and complaints that highlight the reasons that could have pushed some people to move from Admiral Car Insurance to another service. Some drivers claim that even after passing the required exams to work in non-EU states, they are not given all the privileges that others enjoy. The company seems not to consider such cases and even after spending over one year on the road, it remains difficult to get better terms.


Therefore, the only option available for such individuals is moving out to look for an insurance package at another company. They immediately embrace the move to cancel their membership with the company to facilitate the registration of a new contract with another company. Those who are lucky are asked to pay more to have their information updated, which in real sense is adding more costs to the user. Apart from submitting high premiums, you are somehow forced to dig deeper into your pocket whenever you approach the company to initiate a process that could help you to update your information. The language used by the support representatives also matters as some are harsh when you approach them to tender your frustrations in the way the company handles affairs.

Admiral customer service

How the customer service team handles cases presented before them matters a lot and affects the performance of the company in the long run. In the case of Admiral Car Insurance, most of the complaints submitted show that the customer service team of the company is not responsive on many issues. This is one of the motivations that force people to cancel their membership and probably to relocate to a different company.

For example, after calling to request for some vital information that can disclose how some policies are framed, you are met with a surprise because the support representative is adamant to give you complete information that can assist you to make an informed decision. This is an indicator of bad motives and poor service overall and should never be encouraged.

Apparently, Admiral Car Insurance seems to have a bad history as far as extortion goes. Even changing your car and requesting to change your policy from the old car to the one you just acquired will cost you at least £215, which to many people is a lot of money for such a service. Indeed, that is a lot if you compared it with what other companies charge for the same. To avoid the long processes of negotiating to get the right charges, most people think it is wiser to just cancel their insurance with the company then look for a better alternative.

If you can check alternative quotes online you will be shocked to realize there are far much better deals from companies that have a better reputation, so you might wonder how so many people end up at Admiral Car Insurance with all these offers lying all over. Well, that’s how smart marketing works and even if the company does not deliver to its promise, people will still be made to believe it is the best in the market for insurance services.

Just visit one of the review sites where you can get information about Admiral and you will read pages against pages of complaints, all pointing out how the company has turned into a greedy monster waiting to pounce on every ignorant buyer who does not take the time to understand their concealed terms of service. It is sad to realize that despite earning a positive reputation over the years, the company is not keen on keeping the image intact.

Admiral contact number

There are a number of reasons that you may need to use the Admiral contact number. This could be for a variety of different reasons. Perhaps you want some extra information about an Admiral product that you are thinking of purchasing or perhaps you have a query about an existing policy. Whatever the reason the Admiral helpline can be called on 0333 220 2034. The opening hours are Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm, on Saturday 9am to 8pm and on Sunday from 10am to 8pm. The claims line is 24 hour should you need assistance from them. Phoning the helpline umber above will get you through to the right department.

Calls cost £0.07 per minute, plus your phone company’s access charge. Check with your provider because access charges vary from company to company, and calls from mobiles may cost considerably more. We provide a call connection service, more details available on Ofcom's website.

If you would prefer to call Admiral directly, here are some of the departments you may wish to contact.

Customer Services0333 220 2000
Get a Quote0333 220 2084
Renew your Policy0333 222 6715
Claims0333 220 2033
24 Hour Breakdown Assistance0800 600 840
Involved in an accident with an Admiral Policyholder0333 220 2047
Windscreen Claims & Repairs0333 220 2025
Standalone Breakdown Cover0800 458 9280

Admiral is a leading UK insurance company. It has its headquarters in Cardiff, South Wales. Many people associate Admiral with Admiral car insurance which it is particularly known for. Admiral has gone from strength to strength in recent years after having a brand new building as its headquarters called Admiral House and being the number one company to work for in the Sunday Times Best Company to Work for awards. Admiral is committed to excellent customer service and aims to exceed your expectations. This is a great reason to know that when you call the Admiral helpline your query, question, problem or complaint will be dealt with efficiently by the highly trained Admiral helpline team.

Admiral offers a range of insurance products to suit your needs. This includes car insurance, home insurance, travel insurance, life insurance and even breakdown cover. Admiral really does do it all and a whole lot more. It has a comprehensive range of policies underwritten by the worlds biggest insurers. Admiral also has a significant worldwide presence including a large presence in India.

There are many reasons why you may need to contact Admiral insurance. Perhaps you have a simple query or question about a policy before you buy it. Have a look on the Admiral website to see if you can find an answer to your question before you phone the helpline as this may save you some time. Perhaps you are following up a claim that you have made or have a question about your current policy.

There are occasions when even the leading insurance companies get it wrong. In these circumstances you may need to speak to the Admiral helpline in order to make a complaint. This might be about a current policy that you have with them or it could regarding a customer service issue. Admiral have a comprehensive complaints policy that is available online or by phoning the Admiral customer service helpline. They can then send you a copy. Admiral will do their very best to investigate your complaint and get you the information that you need and resolve it to your satisfaction. Admirals excellent reputation has been built on the commitment that they have to their customers and so they will take all concerns raised about any issue extremely seriously. There are several ways to make a complaint about Admirals service, you can do it via the helpline or online.

If you do not wish to report your concern via the Admiral helpline, you could also do it through their website. The Admiral website has a secure email form where you can enter the details of your complaint of query and it will get sent to the Admiral customer service team. They will then respond as quickly as possible, which will be within a few days initially. This is a great alternative to having to phone the Admiral contact number and potentially wait in a queue for your query to be answered.

Alternatively, you could also contact Admiral using your favourite social media platform. This could be Twitter or Facebook. Twitter is a great way to raise a query with Admiral. You can tweet them a message of 140 characters or less. This will then prompt Admiral to get in touch with you other by telephone or by email. In a similar way, you can send Admiral a message via Facebook. This will then be read by the team and they will respond appropriately to you. The main benefit of contacting Admiral in this way is that they employ a dedicated social media team to answer such queries. This is evidence of the importance Admiral place on answering their customers queries promptly.

Admiral insurance in the UK has a highly developed customer support network that is dedicated to answering any questions, queries or complaints their customers or potential customers have. There are lots of ways that you can get in touch with Admiral. You can either phone the helpline which is chargeable at the national rate, or you can get in touch by other means. Using the Admiral website is an excellent option and may even answer your query before you contact them further. Or, you can get in touch via social media. Whatever method you try you are assured that someone from Admiral will be able to help you get the answers that you are looking for so that you can get back to using Admirals excellent range of insurance policies.

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