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AirBNB is becoming increasingly popular for people seeking holidays away from the usual hotel accommodation. With a wide variety of holiday lettings available, even those with positive reviews can prove to be a disappointment. If this does happen, there is an AirBNB contact number which will allow you to speak to someone in their customer services department.

Use our call connection number to be patched through to the AirBNB contact number, and speak to a member of their UK customer service team now.

Calls cost £0.07 per minute, plus your phone company’s access charge. Check with your provider because access charges vary from company to company, and calls from mobiles may cost considerably more. We provide a call connection service, more details available on Ofcom's website.

If you would prefer to call AirBNB directly, here are some of the departments you may wish to contact.

AirBNB customer service020 3318 1111
AirBNB complaints020 3318 1111
AirBNB reviews020 3318 1111
AirBNB emergency numberClick Here
AirBNB London020 3318 1111
AirBNB accounts020 3318 1111
AirBNB technical support020 3318 1111
AirBNB cancellations020 3318 1111
AirBNB Head Office020 3318 1111
AirBNB corporate020 3318 1111

AirBNB Complaints Any organisation which provides a service has to ensure that they provide exactly what is advertised. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. If any accommodation rented via AirBNB UK has not lived up to expectations, the customer is entitled to make a complaint, as the accommodation provider has failed to do what they have advertised. There are many ways in which a property can disappoint. One example is if the photographs on the website are not a true representation of what the accommodation actually looks like. This includes pictures taken either from an angle or using a lens that will make a room look bigger than it is in reality. Using editing tools to cover up certain details, such as patches of damp on the walls, are also misleading, potentially resulting in people making a booking which they may not have otherwise done, should they have known the truth. Another example of why a customer might want to make a complaint about their holiday let is for problems arising during the stay itself. This could include a range of things, from certain equipment that has been promised but not provided, nearby building work that has not been disclosed in advance, or a lack of appropriate security measures, such as a broken lock on the front door. These are all factors that are important to an enjoyable holiday, as well as being relatively easy to fix. If they are not fixed, the advertiser needs to ensure that they are completely honest about their property, so there is no reason for their customers to be dissatisfied. Customers may also have concerns about the AirBNB webite or company. This may be as a result of glitches, including the search and booking systems, being unhappy with interaction with employees of the company, or any other kind of negative encounter they may have had with the organisation. AirBNB Contact Number The telephone number to contact AirBNB in the UK is 0203 318 1111. Customer service personnel are available to answer any query, provide advice on any concerns and listening to complaints about the organisation. Although some companies prefer to work mainly online today, many customers still prefer to speak to a representative of the company on the phone. This is partly because it is, in general, a faster way to get a response than waiting for an e-mail, you can ask or answer any questions at the time rather than across a number of e-mails, and it is much harder for your concerns to be brushed off when you are having a conversation. There are a number of ways in which the process of making a telephone call to the company can be made as efficient as possible. It is important to have any relevant documents next to you. This is because they will contain any reference numbers you may have been provided with when using the website or making a booking. The more information you have to give them, the easier it will be for them to find you on the system. This means that they will also be able to find the particular booking or other item you wish to discuss, helping the matter to be resolved as quickly as possible. Another way to ensure the phone call goes well is by making sure you are clear about what you want to convey during it, and what you would like to get out of it. The more confident you are about this, the better you will be able to get your points across in a clear and concise manner. If it would be helpful, write some notes before you call. This will allow you to remember your main points, including any questions you would like to ask. It is always useful to get the name of the person you are speaking to, not only for your own records, but so you know who has told you what information, especially if it is contradicted later by someone else, in case you wish to speak to the same person again, or if you are unhappy with their service and would like to make a complaint about them. If there is a problem with the information you are receiving, do not be afraid to ask to speak to a more senior member of staff. As the customer, you are entitled receive a professional service and, in fact, should accept nothing else. Be as assertive as possible, making your points without becoming angry, which will automatically encourage them to reflect this, while remaining keen to resolve your complaint as soon as possible. If you do encounter a problem when using this company, it is important to ring the AirBNB contact number as soon as possible. AirBNB will then be able to investigate and hopefully resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Arranging holidays can be a stressful experience and the organisation should be providing the best service they can be, something which will only happen if they are informed about any problems their customers have.

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