Submitting your SSE meter reading online

SSE is an energy company that serves the United Kingdom that is headquartered in Perth, Scotland. The company is listed and serves both the United Kingdom and Ireland offering energy solutions and the needed support to allow energy consumers to enjoy what they pay for. Founded in 1998, SSE has managed to stand out as a key player in the energy sector and many people today use the services offered by the company to manage their energy needs. It has invested heavily in technology and this has helped them to reach more people who need energy services.

Submit your SSE meter readings

Unlike in the traditional fashion where you had to visit the physical offices of the company to present your meter readings, SSE now accepts the online delivery process. Giving out your meter readings is a vital step as this ensures you are able to confirm that what you paid for is what you used. In the absence of proof, some unscrupulous agents may give higher readings deliberately with a view to gain from your ignorance, but this loophole is no longer useful since the introduction of the online portal, which blocked people with such intentions from benefitting from the ignorance of users of energy.


You are allowed to also make payments using the online account and you can track the movement of these payments. The online system gives you a comprehensive and readable report of your consumption and allows you to understand your spending pattern, which is good for planning. It offers everything to celebrate, so you should consider also getting into the online portal to enjoy the goodies that come with handling your power payments through an online portal. Accuracy is heightened with this new feature and the process is simple and can be completed from anywhere. The convenience that comes with the online SSE meter reading submission system is meant to allow you to save the time you would use while submitting physical data to the company’s offices.

If you are not registered with SSE online, you should do so in easy steps then after that you will be presented with a form to fill the needed information. If any difficulties show up in the sign up or submission process, you can easily access assistance by calling the hotlines of SSE. Alternatively, you can use the automated Meterline of the company that allows you to give reading using your phone. However, with this method the information you share can be updated after a number of days unlike the online method that updates data promptly.

How your SSE meter reading is used

Your meter reading is vital in the calculation of the bills to pay. The company comes up with a guide based on the information you give to them. If your bill just came up, the correct information is updated and you are sent a new bill to keep you informed about the movement of your energy consumption. All this information is added to your account to make it easy to refer to the facts whenever a problem arises.

it would prove challenging to solve the problems clients presented to the company due to cases of misreadings, so they decided to come up with the online system that allows you to confirm information before you submit for storage in the database. If you are unable to fathom the correct readings, you could request a meter reader to be sent to come to your rescue. SSE works with different professionals who are able to chip in whenever you have an issue to expound on different issues and to allow you to understand how things work in the energy industry.

Understanding how to read the SSE meter correctly

Understanding how to read your electricity or gas meter will allow you to submit accurate values to the company. You need to keenly observe your energy consumption to give the correct reading to SSE. On the website of SSE, you will find a meter reading guide that should allow you to take the right steps. While attempting to get the right value, you could contact SSE for advice and if it gets too difficult, someone can be sent to come and elaborate to you how it is done. However, it rarely gets to a level where you will need someone to guide you, at least if you can follow the instructions offered on the SSE website.


There are different types of meters, so depending on the meter you use, you should head over to the official website of SSE to see what the company has to say about the reading process. Some users have dial meters while others use two-rate meters. None of these is difficult to read if you follow the instructions offered by the company.

Reach SSE support for more advice

In the event you are convinced that the process you are undertaking is getting complex, you could reach for support in one of the ways the company has listed. There is an email address as well as phone numbers where you can forward your concerns. However, none of these works better than going to social media to showcase your frustration in some services. Some customers who could not get their issues fixed resorted to going online to rant about the failure of the company to deliver to its promise, and this triggered them to act.

If you are pressed to the wall, you could take this route as well. Facebook works well especially in the comments section of the company’s page. You could also send them a private message with information about the issues you are facing. Alternatively, you can use Twitter, which allows you to pass the message more powerfully. The company would not want to soil its image, so they will much likely get to work to ensure your problem is fixed within time. Note that SSE handles many issues, so you have to sometimes give them a chance to settle the differences they have with others so they can come to your case when the time is right.

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